Rubber Bumpee + Stylus

Bumpee + Stylus


A casing designed to fit the JOI KinderTab perfectly and provides protection against accidental drops and bumps.

The handles allow kids to easily carry the JOI KinderTab around and gives them a sense of ownership towards their own device.



One of a kind

It is made of durable silicone rubber-like material and comes with a stand for reading, doing activities or watching videos. You will not find another casing that fits your JOI KinderTab as perfectly as this!


Dimensions : 27.5cm (W) x 13.6cm (H) x 2cm(D)
Weight : Approximately 270g


The Triangular Stylus

Each Rubber Bumpee comes with a triangular stylus that promotes the most efficient way to hold a pencil - the tripod grasp. Kids will enjoy writing and drawing activities while at the same time improving their pencil grasp.


What's in the box?

Rubber Bumpee