About us

Myteach Sdn Bhd

Myteach Sdn Bhd was formed in 2009 with the purpose of developing quality educational software to enhance the teaching and learning experience in schools. Over the years, we have achieved great success all over Malaysia where thousands of teachers have benefited from the convenience of using our PNP Practice Question Bank and Exam Paper Generator.

Many students have also improved their understanding of English and Bahasa Malaysia literature by following our PNP Master Teaching Courseware.


Children born into the world today are digital natives, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become a norm to them. Not equipping them with technology be it for fun, educational or personal growth would mean handicapping them.

That is why we set out to develop an educational tablet learning environment specifically targeted at kindergarten kids. Our focus on the 5 and 6 years old age group allows us to really come up with quality educational content that is beautifully presented.

Our tagline - 360 Learning refers to our vision of every kid in the world having access to a device that allows them a conducive environment for playing and learning. We believe that the JOI KinderTab will be such a device. We will continue to improve and strive to enhance the KinderTab through continuous communication with parents, teachers, experts, and most importantly our users - the kids,

We have been awarded the MSC Malaysia Status since 2010, which means we have gained the recognition by the Government of Malaysia and also represents a mark of world-class service and achievement.